Professor Haroldo DaCruz Jr


Professor Haroldo DaCruz Jr. was born in Rio de Janerio December 3, 1963. He started training all sorts of martial arts at an early age and soon became drawn into Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Tae-kwondo. Training under Master Mansur for many years, Haroldo received his black belt from Kioto BJJ making him the 92nd black belt of Master Mansur.  Haroldo strives to help his students in each aspects, pushing them to be the best they can be. His vast knowledge and his care for each of his students is noticeable from the minute you meet him. Amongst other things, Haroldo loves soccer, hanging out with friends and family, and of course training and always learning new techniques to pass on to his students.

Instructor Stephen Cruz


Stephen Cruz began his martial arts journey at the age of six. He received his black belt in Taekwon-do ITF at the age of 10 and began teaching alongside his father Professor Haroldo DaCruz. Ever since an early age Stephen has found passion in teaching children and watching them develop into strong individuals.  He enjoys helping his students progress not only through their martial arts experience but through life itself, giving each child the confidence to tackle any and every obstacle. During late 2015, Stephen was invited by Grandmaster Francisco Mansur to train for his instructors course in Kioto's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where he was awarded, from Master himself, his Navy Blue instructor's belt. Stephen currently teaches both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Taekwon-do. During May 2014 Stephen graduated from Southern Adventist University with a B.S. in Character Animation and minored in both Chemistry and Biology. Outside of the dojo/gym, Stephen freelances 2D/3D medical animations. Other than training, teaching and animating some of Stephen's hobbies are: playing soccer, hanging out with friends, taking pictures and drawing.

Instructor Steven Keinath


Steven Keinath started training NoGi Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing in 2007. In 2009 he won his first Jiu-Jitsu competition at the Greater Midwest Submission Hunt in Minnesota. In 2010 Steven fought in and won his first cage fight at Fearless Fighting Championship 5 in Duluth, MN. Shortly after this he moved to Tennessee for school. In 2012 Steven fought and won his second cage fight at Fearless Fighting Championship 10 in Duluth, MN. In 2012 Steven met JR Cruz and started training Gi Jiu-Jitsu with him. Since then, Steven has competed and placed at numerous Jiu-Jitsu tournaments including a 2nd place finish at the IBJJF Atlanta Pro tournament in 2016. In November of 2015 Steven traveled to New York to train with Grandmaster Mansur and was awarded a navy blue instructor belt from him. That same year Steven also visited and trained at the first Kioto Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. In August of 2016 Steven graduated from UTC with a Master's degree in Business Administration.